Tracy Lough, LM, CPM & Audrey Rees, LM, CPM

Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife,
Craniosacral Therapist and Herbalist

Offering Home Birth Midwifery & Craniosacral Therapy in the Sonoma County area

Illustration by Andrea Keating

We trust in the ability of women to choose how, where, and with whom to give birth and believe women possess instinctual, ancient knowledge about how to birth their own baby. We practice midwifery in an evidence-based way while keeping up on new research so that we can continue to give families thorough and accurate information to make informed choices.


Tracy Lough, LM, CPM

My journey to becoming a midwife began in the year 2000 while living in Berkeley, CA. I was studying at a local coffee shop one evening and as I got up to leave, someone had left a book called Midwives on the chair next to me. I remember looking at this book and having a strong feeling it was important for me to read it. I got married a few months later and my husband, Jeff and I, took off for Yellowstone to work in the park before settling into a teaching career. It was there that I read the book and began devouring anything and everything on the subject of home birth. I had my first daughter at home the following year with midwives by my side. The moment I reached down and lifted her into my arms, I felt such an inspiration to work with women and families around birth. As I began on my path to help empower women through this rite of passage I knew in my heart this was my calling.  

Audrey Rees, LM, CPM

I was inspired into this work 11 years ago when welcomed into motherhood, guided by midwives. The birth of my son was the most challenging and influential experience of my life. The inspiration and transformation I received from this rite of passage has led me into birth work and my calling of becoming a homebirth midwife. My birth was long and hard and the trust, safety, and patience my midwives offered me was crucial to completing this great work. I know that I would not be who I am today, had I not had the opportunity to birth my baby the way I did. Birth was not at all how I thought it would be. The depths of strength and courage it took to bring my son into this world were incomprehensible until I was there. It was not pretty, nor graceful…the women with me in those days and hours believed in me and trusted my body and baby to find their way through. This trust, this support, and this wisdom they offered made me feel safe. Feeling safe was the key to surrendering deeper than I ever dreamed possible. 

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